Global Health Teams History

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April 2018 We Changed Our Name to Global Health Teams

We have changed our name from Seattle-King County Disaster Team (SKCDT) to Global Health Teams (GHT). Although our origins were in emergency response and disaster medicine, the name Global Health Teams encompasses the work we now do bringing compassionate, quality healthcare to people in underserved areas.

February 2018 Training on Diabetes and Hemoglobinopathy Diagnostic Testing

We offered training for physicians and other healthcare providers in Jérémie on using hemoglobin A1c for diagnosing and monitoring diabetes.  We also presented information on screening and confirmatory testing for diseases like sickle cell disease and other hemoglobinopathies.

2017 Lab Reference Testing Services for the Grand’Anse

These services have brought advanced testing for hemoglobin disorders, such as sickle cell disease, which were formerly available only in Port au Prince.  We also provide education to local healthcare providers on how to interpret these results for better patient care.

2017 Clinics in Abricots

Josee Fauteux, MT

2017 Publication of First Haitian Hematology Reference Range Study

Published first Hematology Reference Range Study based on Haitian subjects in the American Society of Clinical Pathology journal Laboratory Medicine.

October 2016 Hurricane Matthew Support

Provided support after Hurricane Matthew at Hôpital Saint-Antoine in Jérémie as well as at clinics throughout the Grand’Anse.

Building destroyed after hurricane matthew. Global Health Teams - Haiti Medical Volunteer

January 2015 Training on Grand’Anse Sexually Transmitted Infection Studies

We presented training sessions on the information from the Grand’Anse men’s and women’s sexually transmitted infection studies for physicians and other healthcare providers at Hôpital Saint-Antoine in Jérémie.

2015 Study on the Epidemiology of Sexually Transmitted Infections in Haitian Men

Epidemiology of sexually transmitted infections in Haitian Men was published in the journal International Journal of STD and AIDS.  This was significant as it was the first study ever done to evaluate STIs in Haitian men.

Haiti Medical Research. Global Health Teams - Haiti Medical Volunteer
(L) Lori Van Slyke, LICSW, Medical Team Coordinator with (Middle) Antonio Magloire

2014 Castillon Clinic

Doctor working in clinic. Global Health Teams - Haiti Medical Volunteer
Alexander Ritchie, PA-C

January 2014 Training on Diagnostic Hematology

We installed an automated hematology analyzer and completed training for clinical lab personnel at the Haitian Health Foundation.  We also offered training sessions for local physicians and nurses on the information generated by the new analyzer.  This information helps them to better diagnose and characterize anemia and other blood disorders.

Myrlande, Maurice and Bob Downey. Global Health Teams - Haiti Medical Volunteer
(L) Myrlande Jean, (Middle) Maurice Lybert, (R) Bob Downey

2014 Study on Epidemiology of Sexually Transmitted Infections in Haitian Women

Epidemiology of sexually transmitted infections in women in the Grand’Anse province of Haiti was published in the American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene. This study is significant because it was the only Haitian study to incorporate molecular testing for Trichomonas vaginalis and Mycoplasma genitalium into the testing protocol and is the first study done in the Grand’Anse province.  The information obtained from this study greatly improved care for women in the area.

October 2013 Training on Palliative Medicine and End of Life Issues

We offered training sessions in Jérémie for local physicians and nurses on compassionate care for patients who are at the end of their life.

Terri Schmidt MD and Donna Hammar FNP Global Health Teams - Haiti Medical Volunteer
(L) Terri Schmidt, MD, MS; (R) Donna Hammar, FNP

October 2011 Emergency Care and First Aid Training

We offered training sessions in Jérémie for physicians, nurses and health agents from across the Grand’Anse province on emergency care and first aid.

2010 Haiti Earthquake Response

We provided care in the Grand’Anse province after the devastating 2010 earthquake.  Although the Grand’Anse was spared from damage in the earthquake, many people fled to the area because of the destruction in Port-au-Prince.  Local resources were severely strained by the influx of people and we provided valuable medical services.

2010 American Samoa

Deployment of team members to American Samoa to provide H1N1 influenza vaccinations to hundreds of people

2009 Centers for Disease Control

Training for H1N1 infuenza surge.

2008 Hurricane Gustav

Deployment of multiple members to form a strike team.  Additional WA-1 team members assisted with a number of other teams.

2007 Wildfires of San Diego County, CA

Deployment of medical teams to numerous shelters throughout San Diego County. The majority of the 12-day deployment was spent at the Pechanga Indian Reservation in Temecula assisting the local medical staff.

2007 Hurricane Dean

2005 Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans, LA

Deployment to the Louis Armstrong International Airport in New Orleans to provide medical assistance to evacuees.  Our team tirelessly provided comprehensive healthcare services in an austere and challenging disaster environment.

2005 Hurricanes Rita and Wilma

2004 Clinical Laboratory Services at the Leon Clinic

The availability of same day lab test results has significantly improved the delivery of quality healthcare to our patients in the Grand’Anse province.

Leon Haiti Laboratory. Global Health Teams - Haiti Medical Volunteer
Bob Downey, DLM(ASCP)SLS, CQA(ASQ) Haiti Medical Team Coordinator

2004 Hurricane Ivan

2004 Bend Oregon Cold Weather Disaster Drill

2004 Guam Neonatal Intensive Care Staffing

2002 East Coast Avian Influenza

Deployment of medical team to assist the United States Department of Agriculture and Veterinary Medical Assistance Teams in an attempt to control an outbreak of Avian Influenza.

2002 Winter Olympics, Salt Lake City, UT

Deployment of a strike team to the Winter Olympics for counter-terrorism standby.

2001 World Trade Center New York, NY

Deployment of medical responders to the World Trade Center Disaster.  Staffing of treatment areas at Ground Zero, providing medical care for rescue personnel and construction workers.

2000 Hurricane Allison

Deployment of medical personnel to Houston, TX  to augment locally displaced hospital staff.

1999 Kosovo Refugees

Deployment of medical personnel to Fort Dix, NJ to assist in the processing of thousands of Kosovo refugees.

1999 World Trade Organization Conference, Seattle, WA

Deployment of our medical team on a training exercise during the World Trade Organization meeting in Seattle.  Training in logistical and medical support, in coordination with other disaster teams.

1998 First Clinic in Leon, Haiti

Leon Haiti Clinic. Global Health Teams - Haiti Medical Volunteer
Our clinic, locally known as Dispensaire SILOE

1996 Atlanta Olympic Games

This was the first time DMAT personnel were utilized for counter terrorism medical stand-by. Multiple 5 person “Strike Teams” were pre-staged throughout the Olympic Games at Dobbins Air Force Base as a part of a contingency response to Weapons of Mass Destruction. The Team received specialized military training in Nuclear, Biological and Chemical agents.

1994 Northridge Earthquake

Deployment of medical team to Santa Clarita, CA to assist the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department and Santa Clarita Emergency Operations Center.

1992 Hurricane Iniki

The first deployment of our medical personnel to a disaster under the auspices of the Federal Response Plan.  Established Satellite Treatment Stations in rural areas without medical access.

1990 Philippine Earthquake

Deployment of our medical team to a remote mountainous area on Luzon Island, Philippines.  Our team operated a field medical unit in addition to providing assistance in surveying roads, bridges and other infrastructure for safety.  The services of our team were honored by Philippine President Corazon Aquino.

1988 Armenian Earthquake

Deployment of our team to the city of Lenninakan to assist with search and rescue, disaster triage and delivery of medical services throughout the city.

1986 El Salvador Earthquake

Deployment of our medical team to assist in construction of a temporary emergency department to replace the damaged Benjamin Bloom Children’s Hospital.

1985 Mexico City Earthquake

Deployment of our medical team to open the first “Open Door Clinic” in a Mexico City barrio. Provided Field Search and Rescue Night Operations in addition to staffing local ambulances with our paramedics.

Mexico City 1985. Global Health Teams - Haiti Medical Volunteer

1985 Incorporation as the Seattle-King County Disaster Team

Originally incorporated as the Seattle-King County Disaster Team on December 20, 1985.


In addition to the events listed here, Global Health Teams has continuously coordinated medical services and staffing for the Leon clinic in Haiti since 1998. We also provide healthcare related support and training for other organizations in the Grand’Anse province.

Activities listed here have been through GHT (formerly SKCDT) as well as with the National Disaster Medical System (NDMS) Disaster Medical Assistance Team Washington-1 (DMAT WA-1). GHT is no longer affiliated with NDMS or DMAT WA-1. This change was made in compliance with United States Federal requirements that NDMS teams separate from associated private, non-profit entities.

Global Health Teams - Haiti Medical Volunteer
(L) Dr. Cesar and (R) Kathleen Jobe, MD providing training on EKG skills at Hopital San Antoine